FestivalProjectAward DateOnCountry
InterContinental Music AwardsWhite Dream July, 2021Best Of Middle EastUSA
American Tracks Music AwardsWhite Dream August, 2021Best International Song Of The MonthUSA
The Akademia Music AwardWhite Dream August, 2021Best Pop SongUSA
Bridge FestWhite Dream August, 2021Best MusicCanada
Prague International Film FestivalWhite Dream August, 2021Best SongCzech Republic
World Distribution AwardWhite Dream August, 2021Best Original SongUK
Tracks Music AwardsShahre Adamha August, 2021Best International Song Of The MonthUSA
One Earth AwardsShahre Adamha September, 2021Best Pop SongIndia
Las Vegas Independent Film FestivalWhite Dream September, 2021Best SongUSA
International Independent Film AwardsWhite Dream September, 2021Best Original SongUSA
ANATOLIAN FILM AWARDSWhite Dream October, 2021Best MusicTurkey
Moscow Russia International Film FestivalWhite Dream October, 2021Best SongRussia
Moscow Russia International Film FestivalWhite Dream October, 2021Best Inspirational ThemeRussia
New York International Film Awards™ – NYIFAShahre Adamha October, 2021Best SongUSA
PARAI MUSICAL INTERNATIONAL AWARDSWhite Dream October, 2021Best Original SongIndia
The Akademia Music AwardShahre Adamha October, 2021Best Pop SongUSA
FilmmakerLife AwardsWhite Dream October, 2021Best SongUSA
CineMagic Film FestWhite Dream October, 2021Music / SongwritingUSA
Indie Short FestShahre Adamha November, 2021Best Original SongUSA
Swedish International Film FestivalShahre Adamha November, 2021Best Original SongSweden
Barcelona Planet Film FestivalWhite Dream November, 2021Best SongSpain
Mykonos International Film FestivalWhite Dream November, 2021Best SongGreece
New York Tri-State International Film FestivalWhite Dream December, 2021Best SongUSA
Amsterdam International Film FestivalWhite Dream December, 2021Best SongNetherlands
New York Nil GalleryWhite Dream December, 2021Best Male ArtistUSA
Global Film Festival AwardsWhite Dream February, 2022Best Original SongUSA
MyMrsTimelessWhite Dream February, 2022Best Original SongUK
Tracks Music AwardsNirvana March, 2022Best International Song Of The MonthUSA
Silk Road Film Awards CannesNirvana April, 2022Best ComposerFrance
Rome International Movie AwardsNIRVANA April, 2022Best Original Score / Best Music VideoItaly
Oniros Film Awards® – New YorkNIRVANA April, 2022Best SongUSA
7th Art Independent International Film FestivalNIRVANA April, 2022Best Music VideoIndia
Diamond EyeNIRVANA April, 2022Best Music VideoItaly
South Film and Arts Academy FestivalNIRVANA April, 2022Best Music VideoChile
World Film Carnival – SingaporeNIRVANA April, 2022Best Music VideoSingapore
New Creators Film AwardsNIRVANA May, 2022Best Music VideoFrance
Eastern Europe Film FestivalNIRVANA May, 2022Best Music VideoRomania
Rome International Movie AwardsNIRVANA May, 2022Best Music VideoItaly
Crown Point International Film FestivalNIRVANA May, 2022Best Music VideoUSA
The IndieFEST Film AwardsNIRVANA May, 2022Music VideoUSA
IndieX Film FestWhite Dream May, 2022Best Original SongUSA
Hollywood International Golden Age FestivalNIRVANA May, 2022Best Music VideoUSA
FIVE CONTINENTS INTERNATIONAL FILM FEST…NIRVANA May, 2022Best Video ClipBolivarian Republic of Venezuela
Independent Shorts AwardsNIRVANA May, 2022Best Music VideoUSA
Luis Bunuel Memorial AwardsNIRVANA May, 2022Best Music VideoIndia
Vegas Movie AwardsNIRVANA May, 2022Best Music VideoUSA
Accolade Global Film CompetitionNIRVANA May, 2022Music VideoUSA
Top ShortsNIRVANA May, 2022Music VideoOnline
Chicago Cinema AwardsNIRVANA May, 2022Best Music VideoUSA
World Cinema AwardsNIRVANA May, 2022Best Music VideoOnline
Malabar Music FestivalWhite Dream June, 2022Best Male Vocal SingerIndia
Artist’s Choice AwardsNirvana June, 2022Best Music VideoUSA
GLIFF – Golden LemurNirvana June, 2022Best Original SongPortugal
Calcutta International Cult Film FestivalNIRVANA June, 2022Best Music VideoIndia
Best Shorts CompetitionNIRVANA June, 2022Best Music VideoUSA
Hollywood Academy Film AwardsNirvana June, 2022Best MusicUSA
Eastern Europe International Movie AwardsNIRVANA June, 2022Best Music VideoTurkey
New York Movie AwardsNIRVANA July, 2022Original SongUSA
Florence Film AwardsNIRVANA July, 2022Music VideoItaly
Florence Film AwardsNIRVANA July, 2022Original SongItaly
London Movie AwardsNIRVANA July, 2022Music VideoUK
London Movie AwardsNIRVANA July, 2022Original SongUK
Digital Griffix Film AwardsNirvana July, 2022Best Original SongCanada
Canadian Cinematography Awards (CaCA)White Dream August, 2022Best SongCanada
Helsinki Independent Film FestivalNirvana August, 2022Best SongFinland
New York Cinematography AWARDS (NYCA)NIRVANA August, 2022Best SongUSA
Luna Lumen Film FestivalNIRVANA October, 2022Best Music VideoUSA
World Class Film AwardsWhite Dream May, 2023Best SongMexico
Tagore International Film FestivalNIRVANA June, 2023Best Music VideoIndia
Ganges International Film FestivalNIRVANA July, 2023Best Music VideoIndia
World Class Film AwardsWhite Dream May, 2023Best SongMexico
Tagore International Film FestivalNIRVANA June, 2023Best Music VideoIndia
Ganges International Film FestivalNIRVANA July, 2023Best Music VideoIndia