Amir Hossein Nouri


Amir Hossein Nouri

International singer, composer, music producer, and human rights activist, especially in the field of children in the world, born on 23 September 1985, in Tehran, Iran. As one of the most well-known Iranian artists in the world of music, he has received coverage from the media and has been praised by many music critics for winning individual honors and various awards.

He learned music as a child from teachers like Fereydon Foroughi and started his professional activity in 1998 when he was only fourteen years old, as one of the youngest composers in his country. The beginning of his singing activities was with the release of the song ” Champs-Élysées ” in March 2008.

His unique vocal colour, high vocal range, his mastery in different vocal registers, as well as his ability to sing in different styles, make his voice one of the best singers in the world. In his artistic career, performances in pop, classical, rock, blues, jazz and rock and roll styles can be seen, as well as songs in several different languages. He is proficient in piano and guitar and is a professional singing teacher.

Amir Hossein Nouri is the founder of the “White Dream” global project, which has been singing for more than a decade to give hope to children suffering from special diseases of children of labor and physically challenged children. The first official song of this project in 2019 was praised by many and music critics around the world. 

Receiving more than sixty international awards from four continents in the past few years has made Amir Hossein Nouri one of the most successful independent artists in the world.

He is always admired and respected not only by his fans for the creation of complex and integrated music and the use of semantic poems in his works, but also because of his humanitarian activities for children all over the world. To some extent, he himself says: he prefers art in the service of humanity even to individual successes in the field of music.