Amir Hossein Nouri

White Dream Project

The White Dream International Project is a global initiative involving various artistic endeavours, primarily focused on music, to generate hope in children who are afflicted by special diseases, physical disabilities, or are engaged in labour. Commencing in 2008, the project’s primary objective is to raise awareness, inspire, foster resilience within families dealing with disable children, and counteract the social isolation often experienced by physically challenged or working children or children with special diseases.

Amir Hossein Nouri, the driving force behind the “White Dream” global project, has been using his musical talents for over a decade to offer hope to children facing special diseases, labour children , or disabilities. His journey began with solo performances at cancer centers for children in Iran and gradually expanded to encompass more performances in Iran and other countries, including India.

To date, numerous artists from various artistic disciplines have lent their support to the project, with many of them sharing and promoting the “White Dream” project’s videos. The project’s inaugural official song, released in 2019, garnered praise from a wide audience, music critics, and media outlets worldwide, earning multiple accolades in various countries