Amir Hossein Nouri

White Dream Project

The International Hope program for children with rare diseases.
White Dream (Hope) project includes several International music albums which try to generate and give hope with the help of music and video clips. This project aims to create a culture of happiness, social justice, prevention of social isolation for weak and in need Communities for topics related to special diseases such as cancer, autism, Multiple sclerosis and etc, as well as child labor and physically challenged children all over the world.

This Project Began from Year 2009 and Is Brain Child of Amir Hosssein Nouri.  start this project to raise awareness for children in need. Initially White Dream Project Began as a 1 man project and then it grow bigger as it started to raise awareness for children in need.

In summer of 2019 Amir decided to try to spread the message of hope on global level by the same  years Fall on his travel to India he began series of performances for children in need in different place. In his 2nd Trip to India he performed at Snehalaya: Women Empowerment center which over sees more than 3000 children and young women in need white variety of problems which mostly came from economically challenged backgrounds.